Tristan 2 years – summit 200

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What a challenging and exciting year (2012)! Tristan completed 100 new mountaintops. 100 new experiences to 100 new summits.

Tristans summit nr 200 (Spitsbergen) – on the second attempt – the day before Tristans 2nd birthday – hip hip hooray (O

Some highlights:

- First tropical summit (Indonesia).

- First polar summit (Baffin Island).

- First 3000 meter (France).

- First polar night ascend (Spitsbergen).

- 28 of 33 community summits in Hordaland county – Norway.

- First vulcano (New Zealand) Mt Ruapehu

- 6 nation peaks (Europa)

Svalbard – Spitsbergen – november 2012 – on the top – Tristans summit nr 200

Norway – Vaksdal – 805m summit – oktober 2012 – on our way to the top – the night falls on basecamp

Norway – Kvam – 1299m summit – july 2012 – on the top

France – Vanoise National Park – 3041m summit – june 2012 – on our way to the top

Norway – Masfjorden – 1070m summit – september 2012 – on our way to the top

Canada – Baffin Island – 850m summit – may 2012 – on our way to the summit

New Zealand – Taumata – 335m summit – january 2012 – on our way to the top

New Zealand – Tongariro National Park – Mount Ruapehu – highest point northern island

More photos on Flikr and Facebook

Video. Watch a fragment of Tristans hiking adventures on the following video. It was broadcasted on the Belgian news channel – VTM news – 30 january 2012.

TrisTrans Baffin Island 2012

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Little Tristan’s polar expedition to Baffin Island


Tristan (16 months) went to one of the most spectacular mountain areas in the world, with 140 diapers in his luggage.

During three weeks, Tristan travelled in the Arctic together with his mom Kim Broux (31) and dad Jochem Cuypers (28). The family took with them four sledges loaded with diapers, milk powder and expedition equipment. The trip destination was Baffin Island, which is the fifth largest island in the world.

It was an unforgettable trip with lots of contrasts and adventure! The family enjoyed the nature, culture and the time being together. Tristan loved it. With pleasure they tell about the trip preparations, challenges and highlights.

How to prepare a polar expedition with a one year old child?

An expedition in the Arctic requires a lot of preparations. A one year old child makes it even more challenging. The cold temperatures are the biggest danger. It can be difficult to tackle for adults. A child can’t tolerate the cold as good as an adult. But we were well prepared with lots of experience, in addition to detailed planning of the trail, the weather conditions and evacuations possibilities. Kim is a nurse and Jochem is a medical doctor. The risk was minimal.

Our biggest concern was the well-being of Tristan. Will he still enjoy sitting in a sledge?

Two weeks after returning from New Zealand Jochem wrote the following in his diary. ‘’Kim found an ingenious solution on the internet. It’s a Norwegian produced sled called Nordic Cab. It has an enclosed cabin for protection against the outdoor elements. It has a bottom of thick plastic  which isolates and it goes on skies. And there’s plenty of room for Tristan to move in the cabin. Much better then the original sledges! Tristan is gone have a great time! We are convinced!’’



Little boy with a lot of baggage

A trip requires packing. And a trip with a little child requires even more packing. We can’t remember how many hours we have been packing since Tristan was born. In the very beginning we packed up to three hours before an easy mountain hike with little Tristan. During our trip across New Zealand we packed our camp every day –  14 weeks!  This time we were preparing a winter expedition. We gathered expedition equipment for several weeks, and packed continuously the last three days – day and night. Finally we left with 240 kg of luggage!!! 

Many passers wondered what on earth we were up to.



Faced with scepticism in Canada

‘’You must understand that we have had polar explorers use this ski trip to train before going to the North Pole. Very extreme, experienced arctic travellers have repeatedly told us how challenging and difficult the route is and can be.’’   This was written in an e-mail from Parcs Canada after we informed the office about Tristan’s participation.

It was a conscious decision not to inform authorities in Canada about Tristan before departure – to avoid any negative influences during the preparations. 150 percent positivity and focus is required during the most vulnerable stage of the expedition.

We had to convince the authorities that we realized what we were doing. We had to clarify our background and explain how well we were prepared. This was a stressing situation. No approval, no trip.

Eventually, the governor understood. She was convinced, impressed and inspired. Children are no restrictions, just a key to even more possibilities.



Further reading

Would you like to read the full tripreport? Please contact us: 

More general info about this trip on the following subpage: TrisTrans Baffin Island 2012.

A photo selection:

Our new blog:


Outdoor equipment:

An expedition requires equipment and clothing of top quality. It has to withstand hard-handed use in extreme environment. We take a little child with us, so safety is our primary priority. In addition, we want to give Tristan many great experiences. Both saftey and a good experience is depending on good equipment and clothing. We just want the best for Tristan. Therefore it was a natural choise for us to use the below mentioned products during the trip with our little companion. Thank you so much for the fantastic good equipment and the wonderfull cooperation!

Please click on each logo for general information about the products.

Our personal experiences can you find by clicking on each logo in the Flickr photo album: TrisTrans Baffin Island 2012.

NordicCab VertikalThermarestWeledaJanusMSR

 After the expedition Tristan was invited in the studio of Studio Limburg (Belgium).

TrisTrans New Zealand 2011

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TrisTrans New Zealand 2011 – dwars doorheen New Zealand – met de fiets en een paar bergschoenen.

December 2011. Honderd jaar geleden was Roald Amundsen onderweg naar de Zuidpool.  Aangezien Tristan nog een beetje te klein was om in de grote schoenen van deze poolheld te treden,  vertrok hij ietske verder naar het Noorden – dwars doorheen New Zealand. 14 december 2011 stond Tristan op het zuidelijkse puntje van New Zealand. Nauwkeurig honderd jaar nadat onze goede oude vriend Roald Amundsen op de Zuidpool stond.

99 dagen onderweg.

Extreem zwaar geladen. Een gemiddelde van 800 hoogtemeters per dag met de fiets. Bergtoppen tot bijna 3000 hoogtemeter. En de mooiste momenten samen met Tristan die we nooit zullen vergeten!

Tristan vierde zijn eerste verjaardag onderweg. Hij stond voor de eerste keer recht. Zette zijn eerste pasjes. En sprak zijn eerste woordje.

Onze tent was Tristan zijn eet-, slaap- en speelkamer. De natuur rond ons zeen gigantische speeltuin en leerschool.

Op weg naar huis zijn we enkele weekjes in Indonesie en Maleisie blijven plakken. Hier hebben we heel wat ideetjes opgedaan voor in de toekomst!

Gewoonweg een schitterende ervaring!


TrisTrans New Zealand 2011 -  New Zealand på langs  - med sykkel og et par fjellsko.

Desember 2011. Hundre år siden var Roald Amundsen på vei til Sydpolen. Tristan var litt for liten til å gå i fotsporene til denne store helten. Så vi bestemte oss for noe mer overkommelig. Et eventyr på New Zealand. 14de desember 2011 stod  Tristan  på  New Zealands mest sydligste punkt. Eksakt 100 år etter at vår gode gamle venn ankom Sydpolen.

99 dager underveis.

Svært tungt lastet med sykkelen, en gjennomsnittlig stigning på 800 høydemeter om dagen. Fjelltur opp til nesten 3000 høydemeter.

Det beste av alt var tiden sammen med Tristan. Noe som vi aldri kommer til å glemme. Så intenst! Underveis feiret Tristan sin første bursdag. Han stod for første gang oppreist. Tok sine første skritt. Og sa sitt første ord.

Teltet vårt var Tristan sitt spise-, leke- og soverom. Naturen rundt oss et digert leke- og kunnskapspark.

På veien hjem, stikket vi innom Indonesia og Malaysia. Noe som inspirerte oss til enda flere spennende turer i fremtiden.

Det ble en helt fantastisk opplevelse!



TrisTrans New Zealand 2011 - across New Zealand – with the bike and a pair of hiking boots.
December 2011. One hundred years ago, Roald Amundsen was on his way to the South Pole. Tristan was a bit too small to fit in the big shoes of this polar hero. So he started a little further to the north - on a journey through New Zealand. On 14th december 2011 Tristan was at the most southerly point of New Zealand. Exactly one hundred years after Amundsen arrived at the South Pole.

99 days on the road.

Extremely heavy loads. An average elevatian gain of 800 meters per day by bike. Mountain peaks up to almost 3000 altitude meters. And unforgettable moments together with Tristan.

Tristan celebrated his first birthday. He walked his first steps. And spoke his first word.

Our tent was Tristans bedroom and playroom. The nature around us his playgarden and teaching room.

On our way home, we made a stop-over in Indonesia and Malaysia. 

What an amazing experience!


More photos on Flickr


Tristan 10 month – summit 100

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Naar de top van de hoogste berg in Scandinavie; de Galdhøpiggen 2469m

Na 4 uren stevig doorwandelen – en enkele heel plezante pauzes om te spelen, stonden we op de top.

18 september, een prachtige dag! Zelden dat we rustig op de top kunnen genieten van het uitzicht. Maar vandaag was het windstil en het herfstzonnetje straalde. Een dik uur hebben we ons geamuseerd, warme melk en chocolademelk gedronken en verse fruitpap gegeten. Tristan heeft wat rondgewandeld onder begeleiding van mama. Onze Lulu (ons hondje) profiteerde ervan en kroop gezellig in de rugzak.

Er zijn meerdere routes om op de top te geraken. Wij volgde een route over de gletsjer, Styggebreen.

Dit was Tristan zijn 100ste top – 10 maand oud.

Nydelig tur til Galdhøpiggen, 2469m – Nordens høyeste fjell:
Det tok oss 4 timer for å komme oss opp på toppen – inkludert to artige stopp for å leke med Tristan.
18 september 2011, en strålende fin dag! Veldig sjelden at man kan sette seg ned på en topp uten at man begynner å fryse ila få minutt. Denne dagen var rett og slett herlig. Vindstille og solen varmet. En hel time koste vi oss med vanvittig fin utsikt, drakk varm melk og sjokolademelk og spiste friske frukt. Tristan fikk gå litt med assistanse av mamma. Og Lulu (vår lille hund) benyttet situasjonen til å krype opp i ryggsekken og ta seg en liten middagslur.
Det er flere ruter opp til toppen av Galdhøpiggen. Vi gikk ruten over Styggebreen – som hele veien gir fantastisk utsikt over området lenger nord og øst.  
Dette var Tristans topp nummer 100  –  10 måneder gammel


The summit of Galdhøpiggen, 2469m - the highest mountain in Scandinavia

It took us about four hours to get up to the summit – including two pleasant stops.
September 18th, 2001. What a day! It is very rare – but today we got the opportunity to sit down on the top whithout freezing. Windless and sunshine! We spent one hour to enjoy the view, to drink warm milk and to eat fresh fruit. Tristan walked a little, assisted by mom. And Lulu (our little dog) used this opportunity to take a little nap in our bagpacks.
There are different routes up to the summit. We walked aross the Styggeglacier – which gives you great views almost all the way up.
This was Tristans summit nr. 100 – 10 month old.

More photos on Flikr

BT TV: Tristan on the BT TV channel – Norwegian. Link:

TrisTrans Norway 2011

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 Dwars doorheen Noorwegen – van de Zweedse grens tot aan de Noorse kust:

‘Waaaah – kijk daar Kim! Ik adem diep in en uit. ‘Man, man!’ Vergeet eventjes te ademen. ‘Hahaaaaaaaa!Waaaaaaaaah!. Terwijl ik weer terug diep inadem.

Juist hebben we onze pulka’s 800 hoogtemeter omhoog gesleept. Toch wel enkele uurkes met onze neus bijna in de sneeuw. Voor onze voeten ligt Børgefjell Nationaal Park!

Boven op den top hangt er een enorme enthusiasme in de lucht. Tristan begint te gieberen. Pappa loopt als een dolgeslagen geit in’t rond – en zwiert maar met zijnen skistok in’t rond. ‘Kijk daar. En zie hier.’ Mama zwiert Tristan uit zijnen pulka – hopla volle vaart in de lucht. 

De volgende kilometers volgen we een bergkam – en bestuderen we de route die we binnen enkele maanden gaan volgend. Ons zomergedeelte. Vandaag is’t extra genieten. Stralend weer. We zwieren onze tent uit de pulka. Laten onze natte kleren van de voorbije dagen drogen. Sprokkelen hout. En warmen enkele Noorse worstjes boven het kampvuur. Tristan leeft nog altijd van de borst. Na een stevig portie pap valt hij in slaap – lekker warm in zijn donzen slaapzak.

3 maanden later. Zomer!

‘Aah, oe, iiiii’ ‘Lopen!’  Tristan blijft heel cool. Niks aan de hand. Na het bestuderen van elanden, rendieren, arenden en de voetsporen van lynxen, veelvraten en een bruine beer - snapt hij niet helemaal wat er aan de hand is. Hij lacht naar papa. Die gaat als een gek te keer. Doorgaan tot het bittere einde! De pulka van 60 kilo en rugzak van 40 kilo zijn plots een kleine zorg. ’Brul!!!’  Helemaal zwart van de zandvliegjes steken we de grens over richting de Noorse kust.

Gelukkig kwamen er betere tijden. We beklommen bergtoppen, vangde vis op meren, maakte kampvuurtjes – en leefde het goede leven.

Dit sprookje duurde 5 weken – goed voor een 400 km.

Børgefjell en omgeving is puur natuur! Ongerept!



 Norge på tvers – fra Stekenjokk til Tosenfjorden:

‘Waaah – se der Kim!’ Jeg puster – inn og ut. ‘Helt utrolig!’. Glemmer nesten å puste. ‘Hahaaaaaaaa! Waaaah!’ Mens jeg trekker pusten dypt inn igjen.

Vi gjør en siste inssats og drar pulkene opp til topp-punktet. En glederus strømmer gjennom kroppen. Enthusiasmen sprer seg til hele følget. Tristan storsmiler. Pappa hopper rundt omkring som en fjellgeit – tilsynelatende påvirket av en eller annen form for galskap. Skistaven blir svingt fra venstre til høyre, og opp og ned. ‘Se der. Og se her.!’ Mama kaster Tristan i luften, mens han hyler av glede. 

Vi går noen kilometer til før vi slår opp teltet.’Tid for lunch – og tid for lek!’ Pappa tenner på bålet, mens Tristan sitter og ser på – full begeistring. Pølser, lomper og pupp blir dratt frem. Klær blir hengt opp til tørk. Og solkremen blir gravet frem fra pulkens dypeste hjørne. I dag skal vi kose oss. Endelig en dag med godvær!

3 måneder senere. Sommer!

‘Aah, oj, iiij – løp for livet!’ Tristan holder seg rolig. Etter diverse møter med elg, reinsdyr, ørn og fotsporene til gaupe, jerv og til og med bjørn – så skjønner han ikke helt hva som skjer. Han er glad og fornøyd. Som bestandig. Smiler til pappa. Sistnevnte springer rundt omkring som en galning. 60 kilo pulken og 40 kilo sekken kjennes ikke lenger – verdens minste bekymring. ‘Brøl!’ Med arm og bein dekket av bitende insekt (sandflies) passerer vi grensen og går videre innover Børgefjell.

Men så ble alt tipp topp igjen. Vi besteg en del fine topper, fisket ørret og tente bål. Naturopplevelsene stod i rekke og rad.

5 uker og 400 km tvers gjennom fantastisk natur! Namdalen er vill og vakker!  Vårt lille paradis!

Dette er det gode livet!


Norway – hiking and skiing from Sweden – to the Norwegian coast:

This story about Tristans crossing of Norway is like a fairytale. During 5 weeks we walked through our little paradise: Øvre Namdalen, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. Our startingpoint was Stekenjokk in Sweden – our goal was the Norwegian coast. 150 km skiing in April and 250 km hiking in July.

Tristan watched reindeers, mooses, eagles and the footprints of a lynx and a wolverine. Tristan tracked brown bears. Tristan learned about trout fishing and how to make a campfire.

The weather was very unstable. Many days of rain and heavy thunderstorms. But nothing to worry about, things turned out even worse: thousands of little biting, sticking, sucking insects ..



TrisTrans Folgefonna 2011

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Dwars over de Folgefonna gletscher – van Noord naar Zuid:

Al lang stond deze trip op ons verlanglijstje … maar zou het nu ook nog mogelijk zijn met ons zoontje?

Na een 40 tal winterbeklimmingen samen met Tristan en een 150 km lange wintertrekking doorheen midden-Noorwegen (TrisTransNorway 2011) waren we er ‘klaar’ voor …

Amper 5 maanden oud… en Tristan zijn pamperkes werden 8 dagen lang vervangen boven op deze ijsreus …

100 km lang, 6000 hoogtemeter stijgen - en onze ‘big boy’ van 150 kg … met al ons materiaal.

Het weer was wisselvallig. Sommige dagen echt prachtig, afgelost door sneeuwweer en volledige ‘whiteout’ (geen zicht). De temperaturen schommelde tussen heerlijke ‘rode’ graden in het zonnetje tot bittere 20 ’blauwe’ graden s’nachts.

Slapen deden wij in een tentje natuurlijk. Zo gezellig! Zo leerrijk voor Tristan  …

Als afsluiter wandelde we doorheen de zomerse tuinen van de baron van Rosendal …

Ons paradijs! 



Folgefonna på langs:

Dette er en skitur over taket til Hordaland – fylt av spennende kontraster.

En tur som har stått lenge på ønskelisten … men kunne dette være interessant for Tristan?

Etter 40 topper om vinteren og 150 km på ski gjennom midt-Norge (del 1: Norge på tvers 2011) syntes vi at det kunne være mulig … selv om utfordringene var mange.

Leke, krype, drikke melk, pumpe, koke flasker, bleieskift etc … i all slags vær …

I løpet av 8 døgn forserte vi 6000 høydemeter – og 100 km. Så klart ble det mye slit når man må dra med seg 150 kg med så mye ‘dill dall’  – men opplevelsene ble rett og slett ubeskrivelige … i allefall i dette korte innlegget.

Og ja, vi bodde i telt … noe som gir den beste interaksjonen mellom foreldre og barn (O= Vi storkoste oss – og Tristan lærte så utrolig masse … Dette ble så kjekt!

En tur som vi kommer til å huske i lang, laaaaang tid fremover ….



Folgefonna glacier - from North to South:

May 2011 we made a wonderfull trip across the Folgefonna glacier with our son Tristan, 5,5 months old.

We walked about 100 km with 6000 m elevation gain. Our pulkas were heavy loaded with 150 kg food and equipment. We used totally 10 days, including the travel between Bergen – Folgefonna and a visit to Rosendal.

The weather was unstable and cold. Although the sunny days were dominating, we got 30 cm new, sticky snow and many hours walking in whiteout. The temperatures went down to minus 20 degrees at night. 
Folgefonna National Park is exciting!


PHOTO: flickr – click HERE

TrisTransSaga – Welcome!

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Welkom op TrisTransSaga – een verhaal over de avonturen van Tristen.

Velkommen til TrisTransSaga – historien om Tristan sine Villmarkseventyr.

Welcome to TrisTransSaga - a story about the adventures of Tristan.