Tristans CV 2010-2012

By TrisTransSaga



Tristans 200 first summits (2 years old):

 What a challenging and exciting year (2012)! Tristan completed 100 new mountaintops. 100 new experiences to 100 new summits. 100 mini-expeditions.

Tristans summit nr 200 (Spitsbergen) – on the second attempt – the day before Tristans 2nd birthday – hip hip hooray (O First tropical summit (Indonesia). First polar summit (Baffin Island). First 3000 meter (France). First polar night ascend (Spitsbergen). 28 of 33 community summits in Hordaland county – Norway. READ MORE

TrisTrans Baffin Island 2012:

A 5-week long polar expedtion to Canada, Baffin Island. We were drawn to here to experience the Arctic wilderness, the Inuit culture, and the potential to live in a very wild setting with virtually unlimited potential for exploratory trekking and first ascents. Tristan was 18 months old. READ MORE


TrisTrans New Zealand 2011:

A 12-week long journey through New Zealand, with a tent, a bike and a pair of hiking boots. Tristan celebrated his first birthday down there! READ MORE


TrisTrans Norway 2011:

A 5 week long trip through one of the last wilderness areas in Norway. A winter and summer part with skis and hiking shoes. Tristan was 5 months during the winter part, and 8 months during the summer part. READ MORE


TrisTrans Folgefonna 2011: 

A 2 week long skitrip across one of the biggest glaciers in Europe. Winter. Tristan was 6 months old. READ MORE


Tristans 100 first summits (10 months old):

At an age of 4 days Tristan ascended his first summit, Ramberget 299m. 2 days later he was on the top of Nattlandfjellet,  428m. And we continued … so exciting and fun!

 Tristan challenged his first ’1000 meter summit’ at an age of 3 months, and conquered his first ’2000 meter summit’ 2 months later. 

At the age of 6 months he crawled on the top of summit number 50.

 10 months old summit number 100: the highest mountain in Scandinavia (Galdhøpiggen, 2469m). READ MORE



  1. Hannes says:

    ik kwam deze link tegen op twitter, wat een geweldige prestatie van Tristan!
    Mooie foto’s van een jochie dat echt geniet.
    Veel plezier en succes met de verdere reizen, ik hou jullie in de gaten ;-)

    gr Hannes